Medical Concierge Services have proven results that we can help you grow your practice by establishing proper referral, communication and medical billing protocols. MCS will not just complete and send your claims, they will verify insurance, request authorizations and follow up on denials for you. Let our team of experts handle the medical reimbursement process for you, so your practice can focus on what you do best; providing top of the line patient care.


What makes Medical Concierge Services LLC Different?

We offer multiple services

  • Insurance verifications
  • Prior Authorizations for your services
  • Help with appeal letters
  • Claim follow up on your denials
  • Our flat rate pricing on medical billing claims will save you tons of money.

Constant communication with your established Sleep-Mgmt Portal

  • Did your billing service stop returning your status calls? Don’t be left in the dark about what is going on with your claims. We ensure prompt and thorough communication on any submitted patients. We even have a dedicated team just for high volume accounts!

Client mentoring

  • Not only do we do what other billing services offer – benefit checks, pre-authorizations, gap exceptions, claims and follow ups/appeal, we also ensure you and your team understand the process and establish efficient protocols for referral, communication and medical billing.

Integration with your Sleep-Mgmt Portal

  • Simply enter your into patient into the portal and fax us the paperwork and our medical billing experts will take it from there. Our experts will update all your patients so you can view them from a computer hooked up to the internet.