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Referring Providers (Medical And Dental)

Identify OSA, Test for OSA, Treat for OSA

The Sleep Apnea Team works with a wide range of sleep professionals. We not only receive referrals to test their patients but also help them understand how to grow their practice financially. To often healthcare providers are limited to an older way of referring patients outside of their practice when they can directly help their patients and expedite the testing process. This also has huge cost savings to the patient and these partnerships have proven to be the most beneficial to the patients whose health has improved through the treatment of Sleep Apnea.


Here at the Sleep Apnea Team we pride ourselves our helping our dental providers grow their practice through the treatment of Sleep Apnea. Dentists have a firsthand view of their patients airways and understanding the importance of identifying and treating OSA is crucial. We work with dental providers across the country to help train their staff about implementing OSA as part of their treatment options. We also do ALL the heavy lifting from testing to medical billing. While dentists constantly try to get sold OSA software or training for thousands of dollars on top of fees to process claims and patients, SAT LLC does not charge a thing. Call us today on how we can help grow your practice and help you treat your patients while improving their quality of life. 

Primary Care Physicians

The Sleep Apnea team has greatly assisted primary care physicians in diagnosing and managing their patients’ sleep health. By offering accessible and patient-friendly home sleep testing services, the company enables primary care physicians to efficiently screen for sleep disorders like sleep apnea. This collaboration empowers physicians to identify potential sleep-related issues early on, leading to timely intervention and improved patient outcomes. With accurate sleep test results and expert analysis provided by the home sleep test company, primary care physicians can make well-informed decisions, implement personalized treatment plans, and ensure comprehensive care for their patients’ overall health and well-being. This collaboration has lead to our PCP partners to not only bill out the sleep study, but benefit from following the patient through treatment after the test is completed. With all those exams, our PCP partners can be more involved with their patients versus referring the patient out to another office. Call us today on how we can implement an OSA program in your PCP practice.


The Sleep Apnea Team has become a valuable ally for cardiologists in several ways. By offering convenient and comprehensive home sleep testing services, SAT LLC enables cardiologists to efficiently screen and diagnose patients for sleep-related breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea. This collaboration allows cardiologists to gain crucial insights into their patients’ sleep health, a factor often linked to cardiovascular conditions. Timely detection of sleep disorders can help cardiologists implement targeted treatment plans and better manage patients’ overall cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the home sleep test company’s expertise in sleep diagnostics allows cardiologists to focus on their core specialties while ensuring their patients receive accurate and reliable sleep test results in the comfort of their homes. This partnership enhances patient care, facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to health management, and ultimately improves patient outcomes. We have Cardiovascular partners across 19 states who offer testing directly from their office, collect from the insurance while we do all the heavy lifting. Call us today for more information. 

Bariatric Surgery Centers

The Sleep Apnea Team has valuable partners for a bariatric surgery center by providing essential sleep health diagnostics for their patients. Prior to bariatric surgery, identifying and addressing sleep disorders like sleep apnea is crucial, as they can impact surgical outcomes and overall health. Through convenient and accurate home sleep testing services, the sleep test company enables the bariatric surgery center to assess patients’ sleep health in a non-intrusive manner. This collaborative approach allows the center to optimize patient care by addressing sleep-related concerns before surgery, ensuring better post-operative recovery and long-term success in weight management. By partnering with a reliable home sleep test company, the bariatric surgery center can enhance its comprehensive patient care, improving the overall well-being of their patients. Call us today so we can help you grow your practice by offering home sleep testing directly from your Bariatric Surgery Center!

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