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Sleep Apnea Testing Made Easy

Introducing the Night Owl. The world’s smallest, most convenient home sleep apnea device.

Easy to setup and easier to use

FDA-approved and clinically validated

Multi-night testing capabilities

Cloud-based sleep data available the next morning


With Sleep Apnea Team’s Sleep-Mgmt process you can order your test now or we can get you in touch with a Telemed Doctor to review your symptoms


We send a NightOwl device will to you. Place it on your finger, start the app before you fall asleep. In as easy as one day we have your results!


Our sleep team is here for you!        We can get you in touch with a wide range of treatment options

Want to find out if you at high-risk for OSA?

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Why is testing for Sleep Apnea important?

What Percentage of People Are Undiagnosed with Sleep Apnea?

According to experts, this is one of the most concerning sleep apnea statistics. Symptoms of sleep apnea can be more subtle compared to other sleep disorders, and mild sleep apnea can present in numerous unpredictable ways. So it’s unsurprising that up to 80% of these cases remain undiagnosed. This is very concerning, as untreated sleep apnea can lead to other concerning health issues.

In-lab sleep tests are often intrusive, inconvenient and expensive.

We constantly hear how long it took to get an appointment, how uncomfortable it is to hook up to wires and have someone watch you sleep, and how impossible it is to replicate your daily sleep in an unfamiliar bed. With our disposable home sleep apnea test, the only person who ever uses the device is you! Your data will be more accurate and easier to diagnose. Plus, you save time, hassle, and money!

How Does Sleep Apnea Impact Heart Health?

Although sleep apnea can impact your health in many ways, it can be especially rough on your cardiovascular system. A recent data review revealed that if you have sleep apnea you are:

  • 86% more likely to have a stroke.
  • 71% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease.
  • 48% more likely to develop coronary heart disease.

No hidden costs, no doctor office copays, referral runarounds, test on our own schedule and avoid those beds at your local sleep clinic. You pay less and get treatment! We also work with your insurance! Ask us at scheduling

Why choose Sleep Apnea Team for home sleep testing?

Access to healthcare providers and sleep experts with our SleepMgmt process every step of the way

FDA-approved and ACCURATE home sleep apnea testing

Testing and reports interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Doctor

Ability to video chat with a healthcare provider

Treatment options that match your needs and lifestyle

Access to our sleep experts

Privacy is our priority, feel safe with us

Affordable, quality care at a fraction of the cost.

SleepMgmt Easy Rx

Do you need a new Rx to get your CPAP? We can expedite the process for you with our SleepMgmt Easy Rx! Contact us today and we will get you in touch with sleep provider. 


Cristy F.

A home sleep test was more convenient for me to use since I did not want to go to a lab and stay overnight to be monitored. The company for the home sleep test makes the process super easy for you and the device sent to me was easy to use. The instructions are super easy to understand too. It's not rocket science. I was sent my results 1 day after I completed the sleep study test.


Andrew R.

I was referred to the sleep apnea team by my dentist for a sleep test. Initially, I was confused as I was certain that I didn't have sleep apnea. However, after the test, it was revealed that I indeed have it and I'm currently undergoing treatment for it. The sleep apnea team was extremely helpful during the testing process. At first, I was scared and hesitant to be connected to a lot of wires. But, to my surprise, they tested me with a small device on my finger connected to my phone. The sleep apnea team guided me step by step as I'm not very tech-savvy which was so helpful. Once I completed the test, my dentist and I received the results the next day, which amazed me as I thought it would take longer.



I had a sleep test done earlier this year and the process was super simple from start to finish. The device I used to test was super cool as well. I placed it on my finger and it synced to my phone. I guess it sends the data immediately after you complete the nights required. I was able to get my results in 24 hours. I HIGHLY recommend their services!!

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