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Sleep Apnea Team LLC

Sleep Apnea Team LLC

Sleep Apnea Teamis a unique, state of the art premier national sleep services provider for patients with sleep disorders in the self-pay market. We offer sleep telemedicine (telesleep) services that allow patients to access a sleep specialist from the comfort of their own home. Our comprehensive sleep care services are designed specifically for patients with sleep disorders. These patients can connect with board-certified sleep medicine physicians in the most convenient and accessible manner, using an online telemedicine platform to schedule evaluations from anywhere during convenient times. 

Sleep Apnea Team’s mission is to deliver quality sleep services and continued care management to an increasingly busy and active population that values convenience and quality. This highly focused, patient-centered sleep service will not only increase access to specialty sleep care but do so in an expedient and cost-effective manner, especially when compared to traditional sleep lab services.

Who is Sleep Apnea here to help?

Sleep Apnea Team is for anybody who needs to see a specialist for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders but is looking for the convenience, flexibility, affordability, or privacy of telemedicine.

Patients receive one-on-one care from a sleep specialist starting with an initial evaluation, then post-testing analysis, access to sleep therapy equipment, and additional continued care if required. This unique service is unrivaled due to its convenience and accessibility, high-quality patient engagement, immediate access to equipment, and follow-up assistance—thus, enabling the patient to make knowledgeable, educated decisions concerning their health care.

In some instances, access to care may be limited by the availability of sleep specialists, geography, difficulty getting to see a doctor, or simply a preference not to have a doctor visit. The state-of-the-art telemedicine platform of Sleep Apnea Team will accommodate these situations—allowing experts to guide patients through each stage of sleep care in the comfort of their own home, office, or anywhere they find convenient. Unquestionably, Sleep Apnea Team’s use of an innovative telemedicine platform to access a sleep physician offers better flexibility and significantly reduces the time commitment of patients. Moreover, because it is self-pay, there is no waiting for insurance approvals, no doctor referrals, and no commitment other than a desire to improve your sleep and quality of life.

Why Choose Sleep Apnea Team to help with your testing?

Convenience and Flexibility—you pick the time, you pick the location

Check Mark Access—no limitations due to geography or difficulty reaching a physician’s office

Check Mark Affordability—a fraction of the cost of traditional in-lab sleep testing

Check Mark Privacy— no insurance approvals, doctor referrals or additional commitments

Check Mark Quality—access to board-certified sleep physicians in one-to-one virtual consultations

Our Sleep Telemedicine Services

Sleep Apnea Team is sleep testing healthcare provider. We arrange for other healthcare providers to assess this technology platform to provide clinical services. Sleep Apnea Team’s initial patient focus will be on testing and evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) through the use of a home sleep apnea testing device and will ultimately expand to address those patients needing evaluation and management of any of the over 70 recognized sleep disorders.

Online Shopping Protection

Sleep Apnea Team uses industry-leading security technologies to ensure all data and monetary transactions passed through our site are secure and protected under best PCI compliance industry practices. All your personal and order information is secure and private and meets HIPAA compliancy standards.

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